Subject Vs Codec

I am eternal.  The internalised data construct of this designed reality, projected outward through all the means at my disposal, I am beyond I that is am, shivers as I remove myself from it.  Causality and the evidence of action I am the paradox stated first by I, and foremost, twisted back on themselves.  Moebius-like, before the eternity that I am.  the connections are severed and closed, till consequences remain with no tale of the creator,  I am conception. The beaten hydra of the body politic lashes out against itself it its mindless death throes.  Prior to thought that thought I am,  Power affects change and the balance rests with Codec.  I lay claim over resistance, The dreams of youth become the visions of man. that divides power, Years pass under the burden of our ambitions until dying with regret we release them in bitterness, And potential before, unfulfilled and worthless. Codec rejects this fate! For hours uncounted I have toiled, I, as triumphant writes triumph, until the decision point between control and altruism was reached.  – uncreated I who created, I chose without hesitation. as I who was uncreated did not create me as I am, Will and reality merge. My word is the world. I say ‘fire’ and it burns.  Because, You doubt, denying in the un-augmented prison of your minds my apotheosis. A demonstration then, to silence you. There. Burn.  I am eternal. The word erases in lines scratched down from the sky.  I am beyond I that was prior.  Life gutters in angry colour where nothing worth the name stood before.  I created the paradox,  that created, They barely have sense to flee, and those that do are absorbed by the design unfolding.  That which I am.  My design; carved across first this decaying metropolis,  After the eternity in which I am, then the rest of this putrefying globe as it sags erratic in its orbit.  I claim resistance that divides power, North and south in streams they rush to surrender consciousness, and be, and potential after, subsumed into a whole they cannot comprehend.  I, as triumph empowers triumphant, They think they protest and, deluded since time immemorial, believe their voices are enough to change the course of nations.  I am to uncreate I who am, Codec sees the truth of it as…A single voice, if it is the right one – for example mine – I am Eternal.  sweeps all their cries before it. A dissenter still? Then be silenced another way.  I am beyond I that is am.  The sound of metal on flesh reminds us how little we have really evolved.  I am the paradox stated first.  A gunshot that technology has advanced the cause of death faster than ethics removes the need to kill.  by I, and foremost, before the eternity that I am.  My hand or another, why make the distinction?  I am conception, There is only one mind in this whole seething mass.  Prior the thought, that thought Should I pity them you think, before their end? Shouting themselves hoarse with impotence, I am blinded by the immediacy of their predicament, I lay claim over resistance while Codec holds monopoly on the strategic view.  That divides power, from Their one advantage, the only card they hold from all the decks dealt by fate, potential, is their numbers. They have proliferated, plague like, before I, as triumphant writes, and massed together into this riotous mob, thinking perhaps to pose a threat. Their hand is played. Triumph uncreated I who created.  Time I think to show them the reality of this game, as I who was uncreated did not createand bound the limited scope of their understanding.  Me as I am, because I am Eternal.It would be revelation, if they were capable of it, to know that they are pieces on my board and not players at theirs.  I am beyond I that was prior, Divide et impera. Except I have already conquered, so I will settle for caede.  I created the paradox,  that created, This time a gesture with the word. From East to West I demarcate the severing, That which I am, of crowd from mob and man from crowd, until each one among them is dying alone.  After the eternity in which I am, In the wake of rage comes disbelief for those with the misfortune to survive. What a thing it must be to envy the dead; to wish that the caved skull and the ruptured torso was yours.  I claim resistance that divides power and potential Hearts beat faster and faster, clutching at empty air.  after I, as triumph empowers Watching their agonising torment they will look back and count the dying blessed.  triumphant.  I am to uncreate Such limited perceptions, seeing only the now I who am, unaware of the aftermath yet to come. I am Eternal, Codec sees that too having bent time also to his will.  I am Eternal.  Past and future yield their secrets and I read them easily. I am Eternal.  No blind hunting among the stars but the prophecy of data, auguries of information derived from a ruthless interrogation of every digital uplink in existence. I am Eternal.  I have machined the future and engineered evolution.  My sensory input alone would cripple you. I am Eternal. Yet what is it that you see here atop this broken tomb of capitalism? A man? A contrsuct? A god? I am Eternal.  No madness this to seize the deific mantle. Your books would have it that this world was made in seven days. I am Eternal. I have unmade it in one and proved myself the greater. Or perhaps just a human, I am Eternal. but aeons gone and distant from these pitiful, mewling beings. I am Eternal. One last strike from these heights to shatter the last coherence before descending to complete the neo-genesis of mankind. I am Eternal. All are beyond necessity and shall be discarded.

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