Age: 7 weeksixe

Physical appearance: A cybernetic chassis comprised of the remains of Codec’s custom power armour combined with parts scavenged from fallen combat drones. He appears somewhat rough and unfinished as a result, and continually looks for ways to upgrade himself. As the architect of his own form it reflects his internal conflict and is geared primarily toward combat and survival.

Profile: Psitech is an unfinished being. He is the product of the minds of both The Subject and Codec, the shards of which were digitized and stored in the Mortalitech procedure during their conflict. Psitech himself is a super ego construct that was called into being as a necessary mechanism to mediate the otherwise-irreconcilable psyches of these two mortal enemies. Psitech recognises that unless the mind shards are unified into a singular consciousness their enmity will undermine any attempt at individuality he tries to create. As such Psitech seeks to understand himself by understanding who it was that made him. This leads him to seek out the Sky Fortress – The Ultræon Precept – and later The Subject himself. Psitech’s potential is almost limitless; his ability to integrate new technology into his physical form, as well as the superego’s ability to actively manage and control his constituent personality constructs means that he has the capacity to become almost anyone or anything. He represents the first true post-human; an entity with the ability to guide its own evolution. This also makes him either greatest hope for a better future, or a nightmare worse than the greatest excesses of The Subject and Codec combined. Who Psitech chooses to become, shaped by the actions of the other characters, will form the essence of the next chapter of the Mortalitech Story.

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